Thursday, February 24, 2011


As of late I have become a real cheap-o. Most everyone in my family is pretty thrifty, but unfortunately I didn't obtain the frugal gene. That being said, married life has slowly but surely turned me into a much more money conscience person. I say slowly but surely, because the first year of our marriage I was still withdrawing small amounts of money at a time to feed obsessions like $30 lip gloss and a never ending closet of brand-new-tag-still-on clothes. Its okay guys, Tyler knows about it now, and we survived so no harm no foul right? Anyway, back to the topic at hand.I really have been trying my hardest to save every extra nickel and dime lately, using coupons on top of coupons, not buying non-necessities, and unfortunately I have slowed down my clothes addiction considerably.

A few weeks ago, all this not buying things I don't need business was really getting me down. I'm telling you, I could practically hear SanTan Mall calling my name. To ease my pain a bit, I decided to go to Marshall's to wander around and see if there was anything I needed that was reasonably priced, and hello everything in that freaking store is reasonably priced! As soon as I walked in I started grabbing crap off the shelves, new dishes, perfume, shoes for me, clothes for Brooks, the works. I was completely relapsing. As I was walking to the checkout stand with probably $150 of crap I didn't need, a little book called "An Indulgence a Day" caught my eye. Hmm....indulge daily you say? I liked the sound of it. Even better, when I turned to look at the price it was only $1! So I ditched my cart of nothingness, spent my dollar and went home to start indulging.

I'll be honest and say that not all of the ideas in the book are great, or can even be done in one day, (umm should we talk about the fact they suggest backpacking through Europe? like seriously in a day?) but the idea of the book is fabulous. Instead of retail therapy, as of late I have been experimenting in indulgence therapy. Most often it means nothing more than a bubble bath, a diet dr.pepp, and a good book, but hey it keeps me sane and my wallet fat!

Overall, what I'm trying to say here people is indulge yourself. Especially you mothers or students or generally hardworking people. Put the kids to bed 30 mins early, tell your husband to shoo, and just be. I am telling you it is uh-may-zing. I mean check out these hot pics of me indulging. A face mask, a mayo and olive oil hair treatment, and some treats? yes please!

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  1. I agree!! A bubble bath, book and diet coke (thats my drink of choice) sounds amazing right about now!