Monday, March 28, 2011

Just call me Franky Jane.

Can I be frank? My life for the past three weeks has been so ridiculously busy that the absolute last thing on earth I want to do is spend half an hour recapping why its been so ridiculously busy. Not that its been bad, we as a family have actually been really blessed with a lot of new opportunities and exciting little tidbits, but honestly yo, this girl be spent. So I'm skipping the blah blah blah and talking about something that makes my wee little heart flutter. Shall we?

On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you love these Sam Edelman shoes? Do you love them $179 kind of love? I did, but then I found them at TJMaxx for $20. Just call me a Maxanista. Don't act like you don't know the commersh. p.s. these shoes are called the "frankie" which I realized AFTER I title this post. fate? i vote yes.

If you catch me poolside this Summer, you can bet your knickers I'll be sportin' this little beauty. I picked her up for a whopping $6.50 (plus tax of course) at Forever21 a few days ago while I was shopping with my main girl Chelsea and her main man Nixon.

This baby is one of thousands of pieces of turquoise I've been getting my bling on in these days. Seriously though, try to catch me not wearing turquoise. Betcha a DDP you can't. I've taken on my oldest sister's Indian ways and gone Turq. Oh and shout out once again to Forever 21 for pricing this bad boy at a mean $3.??, $3.50 maybe?

Soooo I know this little coral number isn't super flashy, but come on! Really? This baby could easily be dressed up or down and accessorized up the wazoo. I'm feeling like this Anthro number is a must for Spring/Summer/Forever.

Homemade pretzels?! Not a spring time accessory but definitely a great success in the domestification process. No Jo these guys were heavenly. And watching my husband toss them in the air and have them land in this pretzel shape? priceless. If you're wondering yes he was in fact part of the dream team that is Wetzel's Pretzels during his younger years. Ohhh yaaa boiii.

Because my heart simply wont let me do a post with out a Brooks pic, here is a loverly shot of my sweet boy doing some weird cuddle up with his sippy cup tucked in his blanky maneuver. He loves snuggling with the blanket his Aunt Rachel made him especially whilst watching Handy Manny and/or Sesame Street.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vacuums, stocks, lacrosse, oh my!

Last week, Tyler and I decided it was time to sit down with Brooks and have a long hard talk about his future. We expressed our desire for him to find a career that he can enjoy his entire life, something he is passionate about. In the subsequent days, we found him testing out different career choices.

Monday he tried out a exhibitionist/janitor combo, opting to go pantless while vacuuming.

Tuesday he dabbled in the business world a bit, even buying and selling a few stocks.

Wednesday he tried his hand at lacrosse playing, as well as fashion stylist. Personally, I think he expertly paired his plaid jacket with his pajama shorts and cowboy hat.

After three days of career exploration, Brooks ultimately decided to just be...

an adorable little boy!

p.s. can you tell I'm enjoying learning my way around photo shop?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

doin' hood rat things.

I am a lover of Rob and Big, I mean like really I love them both. So as soon as we decided on a name, and realized his initials would be BB, we had to buy him a Big Black onesie. Little did I know, it would influence the rest of his life...

The classy bum of Brooksy's Big Black onesie

Well let's flash forward nearly two years after this delightful number was purchased, shall we?

If you'll notice the letters that are clumped together at the bottom of the fridge, if arranged correctly, would spell out "Whats up G" Really Brooks? Really? We're going that route are we?

Sheesh. You can take a girl out of the Arrowhood but you can't take the hood out of her son...or something like that.