Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Things

Without getting into too much detail, lets just say 2011 has not started out quite as lovely as I thought it would. To give you a small idea of the occurrences at the Bowyer home that are making me blue, I have been sick 3 times, Ty's less than 5 year old truck needs thousands of dollars of transmission repair, and through all of my running and new working out (and being sick!) I have gained four pounds. Awesome!

Like always though, with the bad there is always a bit of light. Here are some things bringing me invaluable joy.

My ABC wall!

It's not quite finished and I am definitely swapping out some of the letters, but here is a peek (quite literally, as I took the picture with my craft room door not even fully open) of one of my fave areas in our house. I think its loverly.

Brooks Everest Bowyer, such a gem!

As I learned with this little experience, sometimes little boys doing little naughty things are okay, and can actually be....dare I say it? cute! He emptied a container of baby powder, then pranced his little footsies through it, making adorable white foot prints throughout our house. How could I be mad?!

The Insomniac

My poor husband has serious sleep issues, it started after pulling one too many all nighters for school, and now he is rarely seen in bed with me before 1 or 2 am. I will admit that sometimes it causes deep frustration, but when your sick baby boy can't sleep, its nice to have a hubby who can stay up with him and cuddle him.

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