Wednesday, March 2, 2011

doin' hood rat things.

I am a lover of Rob and Big, I mean like really I love them both. So as soon as we decided on a name, and realized his initials would be BB, we had to buy him a Big Black onesie. Little did I know, it would influence the rest of his life...

The classy bum of Brooksy's Big Black onesie

Well let's flash forward nearly two years after this delightful number was purchased, shall we?

If you'll notice the letters that are clumped together at the bottom of the fridge, if arranged correctly, would spell out "Whats up G" Really Brooks? Really? We're going that route are we?

Sheesh. You can take a girl out of the Arrowhood but you can't take the hood out of her son...or something like that.


  1. Nice work on the blog lately! I'm digging the updates.

  2. hey thanks brother! tell rachel to update her blog more often, especially her craft blog! I want to see all her fun projects!