Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tootin' my own horn.

Yesterday Brooks and Tyler were taking a little nappy nap, so I hopped on the ole blog and decided to type out an "Ode to Janey" if you will, about all the great things I have been doing lately. Right, and when I say "right" I mean RIGHT as I was about to finish and post the dang thing, B man woke up from his sweet dreams covered in vinegar smelling rhea. So I saved my clever little post, wiped the boy's bottom and scooted my little booty right back to the computer to post my newest adventures. Alas, it was gone. GONE GONE GONE. So folks, instead of hearing lots of wit and charm accompanying the pics of my travels from crapalicious cook to Martha-in-training, you're just going to get pictures. Enjoy : )

Okay I know this is like the worst picture ever but helloooooo who needs to dress up homemade cinnamon rolls?
Also a terrible pic, but check out this little cutie banner I made for turkey day, it says "Thankful" and is made from scrapbook paper, and twine. I had all the supplies on hand so it was free to make. It was so easy, I still was able to devote my full attentions to Real Housewives of Atlanta while completing it, which is always a must.

I handmade all the fabric then stitched it into the gnome costume for Brooks. I even pulled apart cotton straight from the farmland to make the beard. Aren't I amazing? Jkkkkk. I totally bought the costume at Targ, but I DID make the child AND gave birth to him (exactly a year and a half ago today, I might add).

My latest obsession is m.e.t.a.l.l.i.c.s. Ohmyyummm. So, to go along with this obsesh, I spray painted two of these little beautes in a chevron stripe-ish pattern to go over our nightstands in the master bedroom. Pretty simple, but I loverly them.

Last, but not least are a couple pillows! I am currently working on all new pillows for our sectional, but only have these two little guys done for now.

I have a ton of new crafts and creations to share, but those will have to be saved for another day.

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  1. Hey Janey! I love all your fun crafts you do, im way jelous, i wish i was as crafty! you give me lots of ideas though! Im in the same boat as you though im HORRIBLE at blogging and im trying it again to see if this time it will stick! my blog is keep in touch!