Saturday, December 4, 2010

back on track

Officially, I have been the worst blogger ever in the past, but watch out folks thats all about to change. There is so much happening with the Bowyer fam that I'd be just plain silly not to bloggity blog about it. So, here's the deal...I am going to give this blogging thing one last try and if I still suck in a month, I'll throw my dang white flag up and surrender my blog. Deal? K great.

Now that we have that little problemo out of the way, its on to the fun stuff! Quick familia update...Brooks is doing wonderfully, if I don't say so myself! He's 4 days shy of 18 months and is an absolute dream boat. He is so smart and funny, and full of personality. Tyler and I love him to pieces and can't get enough of his chubby little cheeks! My dear Ty is doing well too, he stays super busy with school and being el presidente of ASU's College Republicans. As for the Queen Bee of the Bowyer house, I have been cooking, cleaning and crafting up a storm! I have dozens of pictures of my new domestic skills to come that I can't wait to share. All in all, we as a family are simplifying our lives and trying to get back to basics. It's a lovely life we lead and I can't wait to start sharing it with my many, many, many blog readers. ( yup, and by many I mean my 3 faithful followers)

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  1. I feel the same way! I have been horrible! Hopefully now with Miss Nora I will be better :) I feel like I would have more motivation if I knew people actually read mine but I don't think anyone does therefore I think to myself "what's the point??"...that being said you should know I read yours :) and am quite often entertained by your wit so keep up the good work!

    PS come visit Nora and I pronto :)