Saturday, August 7, 2010

As of late...

Whoa whoa whoa...I still have a blog? Yikes! So since I think long recap posts are pretty boring I'm going to skip all the details of the Bowyer's Summer and just highlight the main events!

Obviously the most important event of Summer 2010 was B's big 1st birthday! I cannot tell you how much fun I had planning, decorating, and throwing his party. I loved how everything came together and it was just so fun celebrating my sweet boy. Brooks is now a walking, talking, machine and is the absolute love of my life.

Right before digging into his own special cake!

Getting smooches from Auntie Mads!

At the beginning of Summer we had the awesome opportunity to go to the Lake with some friends! I was worried about how B would do there but he LOVED it. The whole time we was perfect and just enjoyed the boat ride.

For 4th of July we went up to Tyler's parents cabin in Greer. For the past two years we had gone to my parent's place in California but decided to mix it up this year and are so glad we did! The small town parade and activities were a blast!

Doesn't my baby look so big here?!

This was right before the fireworks started, Brooks is under the blanket, and I kid you not this is probably the last time hes let me hold him like that...and he was asleep! Brooksy is such an active little guy, he wants to be a part of everything around him! Luckily, hes a good baby just very interested in his surroundings!

Anywho now that I got the boring Summer recap out of the way, the next posts should be a delight!

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