Thursday, February 11, 2010

Keepin' it Classy at GCU-Bud Light Tattoos

To save money, and to decrease my love handle size, I usually just have a slimfast in the break room or at my desk during lunches at GCU. Well on one such break room lunch I overheard the most amazing of amazingly hilarious conversations. Let me set the stage for you....

Two women, one with acid washed jeans and birkenstocks and the other with the saggiest ta-tas ever nestled nicely in a way too low cut cheetah print silk top and a black pants exposing a massive underwear line, are sitting talking. Both are in their mid-thirties. They are discussing how both of them have their ten year wedding anniversaries. Now this is where it gets good...

Birkenstocks: "So for our ten year anniversary my husband and I are wantin' to get matching tattoos."

Saggy Ta-Tas: "OMG! That is SUCH a cute idea, what are you getting?"

Birkenstocks: "Well since 10 year is supposed to be the tin one, were gonna get Bud Light cans, cuz they're made of tin and Bud Light is my husband's favorite beer."

Saggy Ta-Tas: "Thats so cute! Have you thought about doing something like...I dunno maybe the Tin man from The Wizard of Oz?!"

Birkenstocks: "Thats such a good idea!! But I think my husband wants to stick with the Bud Light cans."

I literally had to keep downing my slimfast to prevent from laughing out loud! Can you believe it?! People these days! Anyways, I'm sure reading this has disturbed you so I've included a cute picture of Brooksy to ease your poor, now tainted, mind. Enjoy : )

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  1. Ummm....actually seeing the picture of Brooks while reading this was kind of disturbing. Even though he is a cutie!!